Dsw Return Policy – Everything You Need To Know 

Dsw Return Policy is an extension of the customer service retailers which provide customers the best services to return and exchange the products but with some restrictions.

Dsw Return Policy

Dsw Return Policy

Return Policy also includes the refund policy that is if you return your product to the company when you are getting proper services by it, then the company will give you the refund cost of that product.

Rules and Regulations of Dsw Return Policy 

  1. According to the Dsw return policy, all the products are returned within the 60 days of its purchase.
  2. But if there are some small-sized products then for that Products Company provides special return days.
  3. The delivery option is also different that it will apply the different delivery charges.
  4. You can return and exchange the products with its accessories within the 60days but for that, you need to have the valid receipt of the product.
  5. The products must be in a good case with their box as you purchase it from the store.
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Dsw Return Policy

Dsw Return Process

If you bought the product from the store, then you can send them back to using its official site.

In starting you may get some problem form returning an item then do not worried about it. There are other solutions to it; you can return the product to Dsw in different ways such as is send with FedEx, in-store, online service.

In-Store Return

This is the best method for you to return the product by visiting a nearing Dsw store. You can return a product directly to a store. This is a simple method when the shop is in nearby your area.

Then bring the receipt with the product and provide them the necessary information. After that, you will get a refund in-store credit.

Return with FedEx 

If you return a product with FedEx service then you need to follow the rules and with the help of that, you can easily send the product.

  1. At first Print the FedEx’s return label and attach it with the product.
  2. Return your products with its original packing, also with the return mail label.
  3. Bring the package to your nearest FedEx Office or other Authorized Shipping Center.
  4. After that when Dsw gets your return, and then you will be credited with the refund within a few working days.
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Receipt Requirements you need to follow

If in case you don’t have the receipt but you have a Dsw online account as well as you purchased with a credit card.

Then a store member can take a follow up of your transaction. If they found the proper transaction then you will be able to get the refund otherwise not. So make sure that you keep the receipt in good condition.

You will need to show a valid photo with ID to send the product without the receipt.

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By following this entire information you will get the details about Dsw’s return policy and methods as well as its other advantages.

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