Lowes Return Policy – Everything You Need To Know 

Lowes Return Policy is the policy in which customers can easily return the product to the store. Return policies are an extension of the customer service retailers which provide customers the best services to return and exchange the products but with some restrictions.

Lowes Return Policy

Lowes Return Policy

The Stores or Companies Return policies are nothing but the sets rules which are made by Companies directors to maintain the process by which customers can able to return or exchange the unwanted or defective products that they have purchased previously from the Lowes Store.

Return Policy also includes the refund policy that is if you return your product to the company when you are getting proper services by it, then the company will give you the refund cost of that product.

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Information about Lowes Store

The Lowes Foods is starting from 1954 as s single store in North Wilkesboro, NC as well as it has grown to become the most important and famous supermarket supply chain which is operating in North Carolina.

Different policies provided by Lowe’s to you and Return Policy is one of them. If in case you don’t have the receipt then you need to search the label.

Lowes Return Policy

The Procedure Rules of Return Products to Lowes

First, you need to return the Lowe’s product within 90 days after its purchase date.

You need to return the product as its original condition with proper packing.

You cannot return the products if you used and damaged the product at your end.

All the term and condition which are provided by Lowe’s Company are applicable.

These are the basic rules that you need to consider while returning the products to Lowes.

Different Ways to Return the Product

There are different ways to return the products such as you can return it in two ways that are returned at the store and online return.

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The Rules you need to follow while returning the product are the same for both. If you received the damaged product then first call to their customer cares and tells them about the product condition. If there is a warranty period then you can exchange it without any charge.

To return to the store you need to bring the product and its receipt to the store. Complete all the procedures and get a refund in store credit form.

To return the product with the help of online then open your account of Lowes and fill the form of return product and submit it. Then you will get the label using mail then take a print of that and attached it with the product.

There are some products which return within the 30 days of its purchase those are, refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc. These products called Exceptional Products.

Refund Policy  

When your return product is accepted, then your refund will provide to you.

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You will get a refund in the form of you purchased that product.

The shipping charges are not refundable and the refunds of gifts are getting using gift cards only.

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With the help of entire information, we will get the detailed knowledge of Lowe’s Return Policy.

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